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Bhasin & Samouha Real Estate

We developed a strong online presence for Bhasin & Samouha Real Estate operations. Our focus was on designing a website with a clear and intuitive user experience. We set a clear focus on search functionality, detailed property listings, and contact forms. The website is fully mobile-responsive and optimized for search from all major search engine. The website has functionality to add new content using blog post  and video posts to maintain a strong SEO presence. We also established a strong strategies for generating leads and promoting properties on the website, such as email newsletters, social media integration, and paid advertising. We build a very strong partnership with Bhasin & Samouha Real Estate.

  • UI/UX
  • Web development
  • Real Estate
  • CMS
  • Brand development
  • AI & ML
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R: 238
G: 222
B: 207
R: 11
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B: 12
R: 200
G: 180
B: 162
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Our Projects

 Software Consulting and Digital Agency.

We are a Los Angeles based Software Consulting and Digital Agency. We were originally created in Reno NV, but many of our clients are based in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, and Paris. We focus on helping startups reach their full potential. We are both an on-shore and offshore software consulting company. If you are looking for your next app development, devOps, software architecture, 3d development, and videography, then contact Us.

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