We are a Los Angeles based Software Consulting and Digital Agency.

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Our Services

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Custom software Development

Our customized software are focus on client specific requirements and line of business.

Custom software Development

  • Solutions based on business needs
  • Domain specific
  • Technical mastery
  • Processes improvement
  • Constraints management 
  • Functional requirements
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Development Team Augmentation

Our Extended Team works as part of your local team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers, proving to be a real competitive advantage for your business.

Development Team Augmentation

  • Offsite and onsite team staffing 
  • Talent nurturing and retention policy
  • Distributed team management
  • Performance management
  • Corporate culture match
  • Talent skills ratio cost improvement
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IT Consulting and Digital Advisory

We understand your business and review your strategy and processes to validate your ideas and technology. We create a clear solution according to your business objectives and budget.

IT Consulting and Digital Advisory

  • Solutions tailored to specific business needs
  • Domain experience
  • Technical excellence
  • Process visibility
  • Constraint management framework
  • Non-functional requirements match
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Software Reengineering and Support

We provide post development customer service and a 24/7 help-desk to support our clients.

Software Reengineering and Support

  • Functionality extension
  • Legacy System modernization
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Third-party integrations
  •  Compliance Review
  •  24/7 incident response  and management

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 Software Consulting and Digital Agency.

We are a Los Angeles based Software Consulting and Digital Agency. We were originally created in Reno NV, but many of our clients are based in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, and Paris. We focus on helping startups reach their full potential. We are both an on-shore and offshore software consulting company. If you are looking for your next app development, devOps, software architecture, 3d development, and videography, then contact Us.

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