We develop portal solutions which to solve the problem of content discovery within our enterprise clients. In the face of the vast amount of information available online, the easiest way for the average user to discover information is through a human-curated content hub, known as a portal. 

Examples of portals, particularly those that use a login experience, abound in most industries:

  • Patient Portals
  • Government Portals
  • Intranets/Extranets/Workplace Portals
  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Student Portals
  • Vendor Portals

The basic, uniting concept for each type of portal is personalized access, based on an assigned or assumed user role. For example, workplaces typically have multiple applications that their employees need to access, such as an application for recording time sheets, another for scheduling time off and a third for sending internal communications.

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 Software Consulting and Digital Agency.

We are a Los Angeles based Software Consulting and Digital Agency. We were originally created in Reno NV, but many of our clients are based in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, and Paris. We focus on helping startups reach their full potential. We are both an on-shore and offshore software consulting company. If you are looking for your next app development, devOps, software architecture, 3d development, and videography, then contact Us.

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